3 Meanings Behind The Purchase Of A Turquoise Necklace

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When you shop for pendant necklaces, you have a wide range of gemstone colors and styles to choose from. A turquoise stone often stands out among others due to its bright design and recognizable sea green colors. You can purchase an 18-inch turquoise large pendant necklace just for the beauty alone or find some deeper meaning behind the stone.

With a rich history and several uses through the years, check out some of the unique features of a turquoise necklace. 

1. December Birthstone

Every month of the year has its own unique birthstone and turquoise has been designated the birthstone for December. If you know anyone born in December, then a turquoise pendant necklace can make a nice birthday gift to present the month. The birthstone adds special meaning to the month and will create a thoughtful gift for the person.

While modern charts may list blue topaz as the birthstone, the turquoise stone has long been the traditional option. One of the clear differences from traditional turquoise is the solid design. Turquoise stones typically have no translucent properties and may be one of the reasons some modern charts do not include the birthstone.

2. Turkey Origins

In today's world, the name "turquoise" will conjure up images of the stone and its unique colors, but the name's origin goes back to where the stones were originally found. Turquoise was first discovered back in the country of Turkey, drawing many historical connections to the region.

If you know someone with any ancestral connections to the country, you could purchase a stone necklace to honor their history. You could also purchase the necklace for anyone with an interest in Turkey or stone mining in general.

Many turquoise stones will feature natural veining through the design, which represents how the stone formed and evolved so many years ago.

3. Happiness & Strength

Like many other stones, turquoise has healing properties promoted by communities in the world of gemstones. Even if not scientifically proven, many people have said that turquoise brings happiness, protection, and strength to those who wear the stone.

When you purchase a turquoise pendant necklace, you can highlight the unique features and healing properties a person may receive when they wear the necklace. A large pendant could provide more healing powers and create a striking visual when the person wears the necklace.

Shop around to find unique styles and shapes of turquoise necklaces.

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