A Quick Guide For Crystal Ball Shopping

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As you build a collection of witchcraft supplies, one of the more striking visuals you can purchase is a crystal ball. The classic prop is one of the more iconic witchcraft supplies, and you have a lot of options to choose from. Learn about what to look for when you shop and the different witchcraft designs available online.

Crystal Ball Material

The look of a crystal ball depends on the material it was made with. A clear crystal ball may include pure crystal and is completely clear with very few bubbles or imperfections. Shop for crystal balls with color tones on them. For example, an alexandrite crystal ball will feature a purple tone but still have a clear opacity.

A rose quartz crystal ball is more of a solid design with a white and pink finish. If you're looking for a darker finish, consider a labradorite, amethyst, or obsidian crystal ball material. Look at galleries to see how the crystal balls look on display and in different lighting situations.

Crystal Ball Size

As you shop for crystal balls, pay attention to the size description. The pictures could make it hard to tell the exact size, so detailed measurements will help. The main measurement you will find with crystal ball listings is the diameter of the ball. This is the measurement straight through from side to size.

Crystal ball sizes can vary, so you can shop for smaller or larger sizes.

Crystal Ball Stand

One of the main ways to make a crystal ball stand out is with the stand you place the ball on. The crystal ball can blend seamlessly into a stand when you purchase a clear acrylic stand. Three-legged brass stands are common as well. A stand with three legs provides enough support to hold a crystal ball and keep the item level.

Some stands feature witchcraft designs and features. Some of the designs could include tarot signs, moons, or pentacles. Find a design that matches your witchcraft style and fits in with other products and decor you have on display. Consider a wooden stand to keep the crystal on. A wooden stand could feature etched designs or pieces attached directly to the stand.

When you shop for a stand, read the description to ensure the stand can fit the crystal ball size that you own. A stand that is too small could cause a crystal ball to fall and roll off the stand.

The more you educate yourself, the better your crystal ball shopping experience will be.