Low On Money Due To COVID-19? Sell Gold To Get Money In Your Pocket

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Many people are laid off right now or have lost their job. This can be difficult for everyone when it comes to paying bills, being able to save money, and more. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help you get by until things get back to normal. One of these things is to sell your gold. Below is information on how to know what your gold is worth and tips for selling your gold.

Know What Your Gold Is Worth

Before you sell your gold, you need to determine what it is worth. This will ensure you get the right price for your gold. What the gold is worth will be determined by the purity and the weight of the gold. You could ask a reputable jeweler to determine the worth for you. You could also do this on your own.

Purchase a scale, such as a kitchen scale or you can contact a jeweler to determine the best type of scale to purchase. Most jewelers use Troy ounce to determine the weight of gold. Some jewelers use a generic U.S. scale to measure the weight. 

Look at your gold pieces and you should see markings that tell you the purity of the gold. For example, you may see 18k, which means the gold is 75% pure or you may see 12K, which means the gold is 50% pure. Purchase a scratch test kit to check the purity of your gold. You can find these kits online or through some jewelry stores. 

Sell Your Gold

If you have gold in your home, you can turn it into cash. If you do not want to leave your home because of COVID-19, you can sell your gold online. There are many buyers that have websites. Do your research before you sell your gold to ensure the buyer is reputable. Look at reviews of the seller and check the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

If you decide to sell online, you will have to fill out a form on the buyer's website with your personal information, such as your name and your home address. You will also have to give a description of the gold you are selling. If you decide to sell the gold, the buyer will send you a mailer that you put your gold in and mail it back to them. They will then pay you through bank transfer or other ways online. 

You can also find buyers in your area, such as from a jewelry store. Look online to find buyers that are located near you and then do your research of them also. 

Take your time to find the right buyer for your gold so you will make a good profit.

Contact a local jewelry store or gold buyer to learn more about how to get cash for gold.