Three Reasons That A Fanny Pack Holster Is A Smart Choice

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Gun owners spend lots of time evaluating specific handguns before buying them, but it's important to also give careful consideration to the different types of handgun holsters that are available on the market. If you're going to be carrying your weapon wherever you go, you need a holster that will keep the firearm secure but that will also make it easily accessible for the times that you may need to draw it. A fanny pack holster might not get as much recognition as a holster that goes on your waist, but it has a lot of value. Here are some reasons that a fanny pack holster is a smart choice for handgun owners.

It Keeps Your Handgun Close

The closer your firearm is to your hands, the easier it is to draw in a quick, controlled, and discreet manner. Few holsters provide a better location for a handgun than a fanny pack holster. When you allow your arms and hands to relax, your hands typically hang in front of your waist. This means that they're just inches from where your handgun is tucked into its fanny pack holster. This is a far better position than an ankle holster, for example, which requires more reaching to access.

It Doesn't Look Like A Holster

Even when you have a firearm concealed in a holster under your clothing, it can sometimes be apparent — an issue that is called "printing" in the concealed weapon community. For example, a bulge in your shirt or pants at your hip or below your appendix often suggests that you're carrying a weapon. You don't carry in a concealed manner to advertise that you're armed, so printing is bad news. This isn't remotely a concern when you have a fanny pack holster because this holster is designed to look like an everyday fanny pack and thus shouldn't arouse suspicion.

More Space For Accessories

People who carry firearms with them also carry a variety of accessories, some of which can be difficult to fit into many other types of holsters. This can mean that you have your handgun in a holster but a spare magazine or other accessories elsewhere on your person. A fanny pack holster allows you to keep everything that relates to your firearm together for easy retrieval in the event that you need it. Browse the different fanny pack holsters at your local gun store to find a model that works for you.

For more information on your options for a concealed carry holster, visit your local gun store.