Three Ways To Use A Music-Themed Figurine

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If you're a big fan of music, you might be eager to buy different types of collectibles that relate to your favorite artists. Music stores, toy stores, and a variety of online retailers can give you easy access to a wide range of music-themed figurines, including those made by Funko Pop. While there's nothing wrong with simply setting up your new figurines on a shelf in your home or perhaps keeping them in their boxes to preserve their value, there are a number of other ways that you can use them. Here are some ways to use these music collectibles.

With Your Vinyl Records

Many music enthusiasts have large collections of vinyl records and will often display these pieces in a specific area of their homes. If you have a vinyl display, adding a music-themed figurine or two to the mix can augment the look of the collection. This is especially true if you're able to find a figurine who is based off one of your favorite musicians. For example, if you have a couple of antique-style wooden crates that are partially filled with vinyl records, you can set up a couple of music figurines in or on top of the crates.

On An Amplifier

It's possible that you're a guitar player who has a number of musical influences in your life — and it's also possible that these famous musicians have their own action figures. If you're able to find a couple of figurines of your favorite guitar players, you can easily mount them to the top of your amplifier with a few small pieces of two-sided tape. Whether you're simply someone who plays at home or you occasionally play gigs around where you live, these items adorning your amps can be fun and can also make it clear who your influences are.

In A Dedicated Display Case

You may also wish to build a shrine to your favorite artist in a display case, combining your music figurine with a number of other items. For example, you could display a couple of ticket stubs from a concert that you attended, as well as a signed photo of the artist if you happen to have one. Perhaps you even had the fortune of meeting the artist outside of the venue and snapping a selfie with him or her. If that is the case, you can include a print of this photo, too.