Trick Your Friends During A Dinner Party

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Do you enjoy a good laugh and would love to see the look on your friends' faces if you were able to shock them with some of your off-color humor? A dinner party is the perfect occasion to throw a few curveballs and revel in the surprised looks on your pals' faces. If your peers are relatively good-natured, they will likely get a kick out of the gags and may even decide to counteract by throwing a few surprises your way when you least expect it.

Make Two Batches Of Each Dish

Plan a dinner menu that includes making a "good" and "bad" batch of each dish. The good food items should be prepared the proper way and the bad items should be prepared with alternate ingredients that will result in the dishes tasting poorly. For example, substitute salt for sugar or hot sauce for ketchup if the dishes call for these ingredients.

When you are ready to serve your friends, bring out the bad-tasting dishes and set them in the center of the table. Allow each person to fill their plate and tell everyone that you hope they enjoy the dishes that you have prepared.

After your friends begin eating, they may attempt to conceal their disgust with the foul-tasting dishes or they may even vocalize their concerns. Either way, it will likely be pretty funny to witness everyone's responses. Soon afterward, reveal the fact that the bad dishes are purely a joke and retrieve the good dishes from the kitchen.

Offer Some Snacks That Move

Finish up dinner with some light snacks that appear to be mobile when inspected on a personal level. To accomplish this gag, fill up a couple bowls with potato chips and a couple bowls with jelly beans or nuts. Insert some battery-operated roaches, flies, or mice in each bowl. Many novelty shops sell such creatures, and you can likely find some that are small enough so that they can be concealed in each bowl of treats.

Purchase a couple chip or nut joke canisters that each contain an artificial snake that has a wire spring inside of it. Tell your guests that you would like to move the dinner party into your living room. Place the bowls of trick snacks and canisters on your coffee table. Soon after your guests attempt to retrieve some of the snacks, they may be taken aback by the insects or snakes and will quickly drop whatever they were grabbing.

Contact a local novelty shop for some more joke gift ideas.