Unique Gift Ideas You Can Give To Your Special Someone As A Big Surprise

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If you are looking for a creative and unique gift for your special someone, then you aren't going to want to go with something like a piece of jewelry, an article of clothing, a piece of decor for the house, or anything else of this nature. When looking for something unique, you are going to need to go with something they will more than likely never expect you to give them. Here are a few examples of things that would make unique gifts and will more than likely be something your special someone would be happily surprised to receive.

Get a tattoo dedicated to them

Most people who have ever got a name tattoo will tell you that it's a bad idea, so you may not want to go that route. However, if you are the type of person who isn't opposed to getting tattoos, you can still get one that will mean the world to them. If the two of you have something special between you, then you can get a tattoo that represents it, and it would mean just as much to them and surprise them just as much as if you got a tattoo of their name. For example, if the two of you always say you are like penguins because penguins mate for life, then you may want to consider getting a tattoo of a penguin and showing it to them as their gift.

Dedicate a tree to them

In some areas, you can make a donation and have a placard put at the base of a tree that states the tree is dedicated to a specific person. This tree is usually in a public place, such as a park or lake. You want to make the arrangements for this ahead of time, giving you plenty of time for the placard to be put in place. When it comes time for you to show them their gift, you can take them there for a picnic and present the placard and the tree to them.

Dedicate a star to them

You can dedicate a star for someone special to you. This is another great gift that's unique. You will be given a map of the stars that includes the star that's dedicated to them. The star can even be named after them, and this will be stated right on the map you give them as their gift.