2 Tips For Ordering Ultra-Personalized Bobblehead Dolls

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If you love bobblehead dolls, you might be tempted to hop online and type if a few vague specifications as soon as you discover you can create your own for around $90. However, if you are going through the trouble of designing a custom wedding gift or a tribute to your boss, why wouldn't you take the time to get the details right? Here are two tips for ordering custom bobblehead dolls from places like Webobble, so that your gift will steal the show:

1: Refer to Photos

After growing up with a close friend or working with a buddy everyday, you might feel like you have a handle on their physical characteristics. Unfortunately, a mistake as small as choosing the wrong hair color or nose shape could destroy the effect. However, you might be able to avoid these missteps by referring to pictures during the design stage. Here are a few details you should try to zero in on, so that your bobblehead doll is a dead-ringer:

  • Hairlines: A person's hairline helps to frame their face, which is why getting it wrong could significantly alter the likeness of your bobblehead. However, if you are designing a doll for a woman or someone who is self-conscious, try to be generous with the amount of hair you give the doll. 
  • Accessories: Does your best friend love her designer earrings or wear a work lanyard all day long? Giving your bobblehead a watch, necklace, or specific brand of sneaker could make your doll truly recognizable.   
  • Favorite Outfits: Sometimes, people become attached to a very specific wardrobe. If your friend loves their flannels, their doll might look silly wearing a white shirt and tie. 
  • Permanent Physical Traits: Don't forget about permanent physical traits such as piercings, tattoos, moles and birthmarks. Your buddy might not look quite right without that "I Love Rock and Roll" tattoo they got in high school. 

As you scour pictures, try to find the common denominators and don't incorporate details that were clearly a one-time-thing. For example, if you decide to fit your bobblehead with that fedora your friend wore for Halloween last year, people might wonder why it's there—unless it's an ongoing joke.

2: Choose the Backdrop Carefully

If you really want to make your bobblehead stand out, you might be thinking about adding a custom base. Instead of the standard flat, round pedestal that most bobbleheads are attached to, some manufacturers give designers the ability to recreate detailed scenes. However, these backdrops should be chosen carefully to reflect something unique about your friend or loved one. Here are a few scenes that might work perfectly for your custom base:

  • The Office: Is your subject serious about their job? If you are designing a bobblehead for your boss, coworker, or business partner, consider keeping it professional and making them look like they are standing in their office or conducting a board meeting.
  • Hobbies: If your friend would be lost without their guitar collection or devastated without surfing, incorporate their hobbies into the backdrop. If you don't show them playing guitar or riding a few waves, think about adding a surfboard or their favorite instrument to the background.
  • Memories: Where were you when you and your friend shared your favorite memories? Consider making the backdrop your old high school, hang out spot, or vacation destination to make your bobblehead special.

Keep in mind that if you are designing that bobblehead as a gift from several people, the setting should be a place that most people understand. For example, don't give your boss a bobblehead that shows the corporate retreat you were invited to go on, when everyone else had to stay at work and take care of your clients.

By taking the time to get the details right, you can rest assured that your bobblehead doll will be treasured by whoever you make it for.