Stay on the Right Foot with the Right Shoes

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People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is definitely true when it comes to shoes. Unfortunately, many women, (and some men too) are attracted to shoes that are not only uncomfortable, but that are unhealthy for their bodies. By understanding the damage that you are doing to your body, may change the way you shop for shoes.

Why Do You Love Shoes?

If you are like most women, you know what you like, and you are willing to pay for the right shoe when you find it. You understand the right shoes make or break the look of your outfit. That is why you have shoes hidden in your truck, closet, and other places that you think that the men in your life will not look, but do you know if the shoe is not comfortable, it is probably facing a long life buried in your closet.

Studies have shown that although the average woman owns 20 pair of shoes, she only wears five of them on a regular basis. The number one reason for not wearing them is that they are uncomfortable, meaning that the heel is too high, or the shoe is too tight on the foot. 

Why do women love shoes? Cosmopolitan suggests that it is for some of the following reasons:

  • Simply trying on shoes, as well as other types of apparel releases dopamine, or the feel good chemical throughout our bodies, and since you can justify that you "need" the shoes versus just wanting the shoes, the pleasure continues to course through your body following the purchase.
  • Shoes also satisfies your need to fill your collection. Each new pair is a rare find that no one else has, and everyone else will envy.
  • Women also equate high heel shoes with class, power, and beauty. They are sexual in nature, they are erotic. You are beautiful, because the shoes make you feel that way. 

Unfortunately, the very things that you love may be causing you more harm than you realize.

Health Issues Associated With High Heels

Each year, it seems that the heels get higher and higher. Unfortunately, if the shoe has a heel that is over a couple of inches in height it forces your foot to slide forward in the shoe, and forces you to redistribute your weight.

By the shoes forcing you to lean forward, you automatically tend to overcompensate by leaning back. This causes you to overarch your back. This unnatural positioning causes strain to your back, hips, and knees. The additional pressure that this position can place on your lower back, can pinch nerves, or place undue pressure on the tendons and nerves which cause such conditions such as sciatica, and even forms of bursitis.  

When worn for prolonged periods of time, high heels can shorten the tendons, and muscles in your calves, as well as those in your lower back. This will often result in a lifelong problem with muscle spasms, especially when you switch back to a lower, or flat shoe.

What Can You Do?

There is nothing wrong with wearing heels to dress up in, or on days that you are not anticipating having to do a lot of walking or standing. Choose a sensible heel that is going to help to provide your body with support. 

If you want to wear a high heel, take another type of really supportive shoe with you, such as those you can find in Alegria footwear line. Wear this shoe until you get to your destination, and keep them on hand to put on after your event is finished.

This type of supportive shoe will not only provide you with a beautiful shoe on your foot, but will allow you to position yourself, and move your body more naturally. This will alleviate the stress and strain that wearing the high heels will place upon your body.

Above all else, always ensure that the shoe that you are wearing fits. Any shoe that is too big, or too little is never good for your foot or your body. For tips on finding comfortable shoes, talk to resources such as Alegria Shoe Shop.